The Daily Show is in reruns all this week. And that's a load of crap. Don't get me wrong, I'm still watching it right now. Daily Show reruns are better than just about any other show when it is new. Although, in the last hour or so I have seen a lot of good tv. At 11:30 the Drew Carey Show was on and I must say, it was thoroughly entertaining. One thing they do that I think is great is incorporating musical (dramatic) pieces in their show. I love the idea of TV and movie musicals because when you see a stage production the singing/dancing is more predictable. On a screen it seems to come out of nowhere and is thus cooler. Imagine going to library and asking help for research. Then...

Librarian: Hey everybody, he wants help!"
Everybody: "Help? Let's do it!"
[singing] "We'll show you where the books are and we'll show microfiche,
we'll take you through the motions because we are here to teach.
Online will prove a resource, almost as much as we,
so get on doing research and tell us what you need!"
I would love for that to happen. So they had a musical number in the show and it just made things so much better. If you are a CEO at a major TV network and reading this, please note that people love musical numbers.

Then at midnight "That's My Bush!" came on. I hadn't seen it yet but I think this show is brilliant. Basically it just takes the average sitcom format and modifies it for our president. You just have to see it. In this episode Bush learns from a psychic that someone close to him is going to kill him. The show is also about gun control and whether or not he will ban guns. He wants to and then Charlton Heston comes in to try and stop him. He cannot convince him but Georgey has his secret service men (who are dressed as Bobbie's, English police) wisk him away. In the end GW has a dinner with his fam, best friends and Heston. He is dressed in chain mail to protect himself. I won't tell you how it ends but you can see how funny this is.

Next was the Daily Show and I don't need to explain it because you know what that's about. So instead I will point you to an amazing site. You'll need Flash 5 and a speedy processor will make it much more interesting. So here is the Swift.3D Devlab project. It is a site that displays a program called Swift.3D that allows you to create 3D items in Flash. It is pretty damn hot. Check it out.