Guster fans' median age has gone down to about 16. It used to be up in the 18-19 range, so when I went to shows I was usually one of the younger people there. This is not the case anymore. Now this doesn't affect my enjoyment of the music or the concert, but it is just odd to have people there who are literaly half my age.

About the concert... I ended up missing Joe, Marc's Brother, which wasn't so horrible but made the $25 ticket harder to swallow. The show was pretty mediocre as far as Guster shows go. They just weren't into it, even though this was their biggest show outside of the eastcoast, ever. The one really cool thing that happened was a guy and girl went up on stage to play the shakers on Mona Lisa. This is not that cool, but it got cooler. The boys stopped about 6 bars in and the guy who came on stage started talking to his girlfriend. He said how he loves her so much and then he got down on one knee to propose. The whole audience erupted in Awws and applause. They kissed/hugged and then Guster actually played Mona Lisa. It was a very nice moment. Although the show was just alright, the evening was fun. I spent it with Holly, Kara's sister, and some of Holly's friends. Oh, and Holly I went to the Salt and Pepper diner near Wrigley Field, which is one of my favorite places to eat in Chicago. It is your typical diner, but it is just cute and quaint when compared to the rest of the stuff in the area. So overall the night was a good time. I also got to sleep at home last night. Even though my bed at school is more comfortable, my bed at home is still my bed. You know what I'm talking about. The whole thing was capped by a very pleasant drive back to Madison. The 2 hours just flew by. Sometimes the drive can be tough, but this time I was sailing along.

Next week I have the Push Stars show at Schuba's in Chicago and Holly will be joining me then as well. I really can't wait for that show. The Push Stars are steadily moving their way up in the ranks of my favorite bands. They have always been high, but they are looking to move in at #3. This coming show may cement the deal. And now I am going to see my friend Steve perform as Jim S. Mahaffy, his country alter-ego.