1. Wisconsin Film Festival - March 28-31, 2001.

2. I saw Dave Eggers tonight and watched and listen to him read from his book and other pieces. He is a very funny guy, I know that much. One of the first things he read was from the quarterly magazine and press he runs called McSweeney's. It was a series of letters he sent to various CEOs of multinational companies. In each of the books he wrote from the prespective of an irish setter (dog). He had lines like, and this is paraphrased, "I can't help but bark. I just keep on barking without having any idea why I'm barking. I just assume that when I finish barking I will know why I am barking. I am a fast dog. I am a really fucking fast dog. I am a good dog. Thank you for taking time from your busy work schedule Mr. so-n-so." This does not do it much justice but it was very amusing. He had a lot of crowd interaction, which I thought was really nice. Not that I had any doubt, but this kind of thing helps to prove that an author is human. If they just sit and read their work then they are robots (possibly evil). Yadda yadda, he reads more, it's good. At the end I wait about 45 minutes (yes) to have him sign my paperback copy of his book, "A Heartbreaking Story of Staggering Genius." (Yes, I know it should be underlined, but I don't feel like it) I bet my friend Jenny $5 to claim that she thought he was Neal Pollock (another author, and the one who wrote the book she was getting signed). She had to say, "Hello Mr. Pollock, I have really loved all of your works." Then she had to wait for him to respond. She debated and when she finally arrived in front of him she said, "Hi, could you just sign below your name? (very small pause) Just Kidding." This was unacceptable but I gave her $1 anyway. She was not completely satisfied, but she did not fulfill my request. Finally, he signed my book and drew on the cover with paint. It is very pretty (not pretty, but it's still cool). So that was that.

3. Napster is going away soon. This is very sad, but other companies will rise so I am only a little sad.

4. Law and Order is on, I have to go. Goodnight.