I probably could have posted while I was gone, but I opted not to. More posting later but here is what I bought over break:

CDs (list in next post, many)
2 pairs shoes
1 pair jeans
3 shirts (1 long sleeve, 1 button down, 1 polo-esque)
Copper Press Magazine
Level Magazine (backorder, issue 5)
NYLON magazine
2 Concert Tickets (1. Starlight Mints/Blake Babies 2. Ultimate Fakebook/Promise Ring/Tahiti 80)
Meals (on occasion)
Film (approx. 8 rolls of varying speeds ranging from 400-1)
That is all, but it reminds me that I have a polaroid airport photo essay I will be posting in a couple days. Nothing special, just 9 pictures from airports, totally raw and unedited.

See you later.