I must say, that was a pretty kick ass Snowball. It was Snowball 2, if that means anything to you, and I couldn't have asked for much more. I just had fun hanging out with the staff and the participants. Everytime I do another one I feel so certain that I will be involved in high school education at some point. I just really like high school age kids. I think that they have a lot potenetial at this point in their lives. There is a big chance you can turn a misfortune around at this age. Anyway, I always have a great time and I am already excited to head back for another one.

So I am home now and just relaxing, doing a lot of nothing. I don't think I am going to do any work tonight even though I really should. Maybe I'll do just a little bit. I'll keep you posted. So I have been playing NHL 2001 on my PS2 nonstop lately. It is such a good game. I haven't had a good hockey game in a long time, so this is welcome addition to my reptoire of games. In fact, I am going to go practice I think. Yeah.