You will see it in my whim of the day, but you have to go see O Brother, Where Art Thou? It is just such a great film. Oh, and the songs in it are also amazing. Just go see it.

So I have finished my first week of school. I like my classes. Here is my!

Poli Sci 106 Comparative Politics
Poli Sci 452 Criminal Law and Justice
Life Science Communication 530 Print and Electronic Media Design
Life Science Communication 375 Web Design for the Sciences
Afro-American History 156 Black Music in American Cultural History
So I basically added one class, although I am going to audit it. That basically means that I take the class but I don't get a grade or anything, I just get to take the class. The nice thing is I can decide how much I would like to do in the class. I may not audit it though, who knows. Anyway, I am happy with what I gots. Everything is good. I have to design a flyer now though. So wish me luck. "Good luck!" Oh, thanks.