I don't remember what I wrote, but I gots more stuff. I went to the library tonight and worked on my criminal justice homework. I hate to say this, but I actually enjoyed it. Call me crazy, but I did. Law school in my future? You never know, but I doubt it. Yeah, so I enjoy reading about cases and learning all the terms. Now there is a reason for this. It is so I can better watch the best non-comedy show on television: Law and Order. Oh, it is so good. If you don't know this already then talk to the hand my friend.

On another note, SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. Yeah, there needs to be more guestbook signing going on. I promise a personalized email if you sign the guestbook. I will write the letter myself with my own words. Honestly. But only if you sign the guestbook. Always a catch.

Sign it. That is all.