So school is good. I have no complaints. What wasn't good was Law and Order tonight. It was a new episode and I was pumped. I mean, how could I not be? The problem was the story started out boring, which is ok because it often does. Then it got good. Really good. I was excited. At this point it usually just keeps going up in quality, pushing the envelope. Not tonight. It seemed like the show was an hour and fifteen minutes long and they had to cut it down and got rid of key scenes. It was poorly done and made me sad. I'll be okay though because it's on three times a day on A&E. I don't know what I would do without it.

So my face is a lot better. There is no swelling, bruising or scabbing left. This is a good thing since I looked like Quasimoto (a note to readers: Quasimoto is very ugly). Take a look at a comparison:

Yeah, kinda similar. Anyway, I'm better now. Speaking of now, I am going to go do homework, now. Adios.