Happy 2G1! I never say that. People are always running around saying "happy new year" and I just don't feel the urge. Like most holidays, I feel like New Years is fairly arbitrary. Now I know what you're thinking: "Aribitrary?!? It has to be when it is because that's when the new year happens!" Yes, you are right. My point is, why do we celebrate it? Woohoo, a new year. I have a theory.

Holidays are for one of two reasons, or for both:
1. Recognizing Something
2. Somehow related to drinking--either recovering or the act itself
There is no other reason to have a holiday. If you can think of one let me know. So the point of this little thing is that I think New Years is silly. I know I am biased since I don't drink, but you shouldn't need a holiday just to drink. "I gotta get drunk, it's New Years!" I prefer, "It's Tuesday, let's get drunk!" In my opinion, they make equal sense.

Anyway, welcome to 2G1. I think it sounds cooler than 2000. 2001>2000. This is a fact and an opinion. Okay, I have been writing nonesense for the last 15 minutes. Now I will sleep. I'll post something more interesting, probably, tomorrow.