Oh, a couple more things. Tori Spelling is a tool. She walks around late at night and is always drunk/high, only at night though. My sister was in the bathroom with her and she was living in a toolbox. She was yeling out to her boyfriend from inside and just being generally stupid. Another thing: I had a second conversation with Dusty H.

Dusty: Is this your toast?
Me: Huh? Oh, no it isn't. Sorry.
Dusty: Hmm, alright.
Yeah, he loves me. The final thing is there are some celebrities sightings. Jada Pinket-Smith and Will (Smith) are here. There was another sighting but I forget. Oh well. One more thing: 440 different people have visited this site in a month and it has been looked at about twice as much. Danke. Now it's really time to sleep. bye.