It is break though, so give me a break. I think I deserve it.

Since I have yet to tell you, I am home. I have actually been quite busy. I'll give you then rundown of my last few days. I will number these days.

1. Friday. I returned from Hawaii in the morning (5am) and slept until 12pm (noon). I did nothing all day but relax. At night I went out with Justin, Ed, Max, Johanna and Jena for coffee at Kaffein. It was fun and really nice to see my friends. I came home around 2 and watched movies and then slept.

2. Saturday. I haven't the slightest clue what happened during the day. In the late afternoon and night I hung out with Ali. We ran some errands in the afternoon and then went to see improv at Improv Olympic, my favorite place for improv. Everytime I go there I laugh like crazy and think about joining an improv group. I think I could do it. I don't think it would be a career but I would have fun and make people laugh all at once. Afterwards we came back to my house and played scrabble and WE TIED. Yes, the board was full and there were no tiles in our little holders and the score was 255-255. It was amazing.

3. Sunday. I don't really remember Sunday either. But at night I went to Evanston with Justin to go see Jeremy. We hung out for a while and ended up watching Timecode. I thought it was a great flick. My friends thought it was worthless. So I warn you: if you are looking for an engaging plot, look anywhere but here. If you are looking for an incredibly unique filmmaking style, look here. Then I went home and Justin and I played NFL 2K1 until 4am. Then I went to sleep.

4. Monday. Then I overslept. I woke up at 3pm. I ate 'breakfast' and then I watched a movie on cable with my mom until 6pm. Then at 8pm I went to dinner with Ed, Justin, Max and Jeremy at Chili's. It was fine. It made me sick. I then went to Andy's house to play video games with Will and Elia (and Andy). Then I went to Elia's house to check out Madden 2001 on PS2 since he has one. I am kind of sort of jealous, I think. The game looked spectacular, but I still love my 2K1. Then sleep.

5. Tuesday (today). I woke at 7:20am and went to work. Today, tomorrow and Thursday I am working for my dad and helping him set up computers at work. They are putting in a new system. It occupies my time and I am getting paid. And now I am here. Whee.

Now I am going to go because my hands hurt. Bye.