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About the Author, the Site, Whatever

What is Capn Design?

Capn Design is the personal website of Matt Jacobs.

So, what does Capn Design mean?

Good question. In a late night brainstorming session, JP and I came up with Capn Design as the name for my future design company. See, it's Capn, like Cap'n Crunch. I thought it was amusing, so here we are.

Who is the capn?

Like I said, I'm Matt Jacobs.

Anything else worth mentioning?

I'm a web designer working for a non-profit in New York City. I live in a beautiful apartment in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. I've been in New York since September 1st, 2002.

What do you do for fun?

I am a media and technology junkie. I own a crapload of music and have seen quite a few movies. I also take a lot of photos.

What about things you can't display online?

Okay, I read, mostly magazines, and I write, mostly about music. In the summer, I spend a lot of time on my bike, playing frisbee and seeing movies outside. In the winter I play video games and see movies inside. Sometimes, I do improv comedy.

Can you recommend any good movies or albums?

Sure. Check out the Mini-Reviews or my top ten lists, which are linked as follows:
2002 - Music, Film, TV 2001 - Movies, Music and Game Consoles 2000 - Music and Movies

Where did you go to school?

I went to high school at Deerfield High School and to college at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I double-majored in Political Science and Film Theory, with a minor in Integrated Liberal Studies.

I didn't ask about your major.

Buzz off, this is my site and you are just a third-person representation of myself used to increase readability.

I want to know more about the site. How did you put it together?

I used a combination of BBEdit, Photoshop, my camera and Movable Type. I used XHTML, CSS and PHP to make it look purty. The body font is Helvetica and the header uses both Avenir and Sevenet.

Is it valid?

You're talking tech-talk, right? Usually. But you can check for yourself if you're curious. XHTML and CSS.

Did you use any Movable Type plug-ins?

Yep. I'm using ExtraFields, Blacklist, SQL, Compare, and Netflix-queue (slightly modified).

Would you help me put mine together?

Occasionally I will help people out while putting together a site driven by Movable Type, but it's rare. I have a full-time job and pro-bono work isn't something I really have time for anymore. If you really want help, I'm sure we could work something out.

So you're for hire?

I guess you could say that. Every now and again I'll take on a freelance project to supplement my full-time job. Check out my Resume and Portfolio if you're interested.

Now that I've read all this, what do I get?

You're greedy. Nonetheless, I shall offer you a clip of my appearance on Wheel of Fortune (no joke). Right-click to download it and Quicktime 6 or higher is needed.

I want to know more.

Jeez, you're demandning too. If you want to know more, .